I am Anna Maria Fink, a landscape architect, bookmaker and teacher, and the founder of Atelier Fischbach – an interdisciplinary design and research studio on landscape.


My interest lies in the unraveling of the relationships of people and their environments. My work shows these connections with place through the investigation of daily activities – what I call ‘topographic living’. Through my understanding as a landscape architect I look for new spatial organisations and adapted personal routines and rituals that can strengthen the connection between person and place. Small scale design interventions - like my 'topographic furnitures' - visualize and test these innovated ways of living in place.


My work takes the form of a visual narrative and often I use the medium of the book both as a working method to construct and develop this narrative as well as a means to communicate it. Furthermore I find it important to work in strong relationship with landscape and engagement with place and people. Therefore I strive to work as much as possible ‘in the field’ seeking for embodied knowledge through (collective) activities.


Anna Maria Fink was born in 1987 in the mountains of the Bregenzerwald, a place called Fischbach. She is based in Amsterdam.


She has studied landscape architecture in Vienna (AT) and received her master in landscape architecture at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam (NL) in 2018.


After gaining practical experience as a landscape architect Anna has founded her own interdisciplinary design and research practice Atelier Fischbach in 2019.

2019              founding Atelier Fischbach

2019 - 2020   talent development grant of Creative Industries Fund Netherlands


since 2018     guest teacher/graduation coach at various institutes such as

                     Academy of Architecture Amsterdam, Technical University Delft, ArtEZ Arnhem

since 2019     freelance landscape architect

2012 - 2019   designer and projectleader at Bureau B+B landscape architecture and urbanism

                     (public space, cultural heritage, infrastructure, place making, research, competitions)

2008 - 2012   various internships: Fabrications Amsterdam / bauchplan ).( Vienna / LandRise Egg


College van Rijksadviseurs

Academy of Architecture

Municipality of Amsterdam

Provincie Noord-Brabant

Provincie Limburg

Wroclaw Architecture Museum


MU artspace Eindhoven

Slow Research Lab

Failed Architecture


Architectura en Natura

Robida Magazine

Why Not Festival

CIVA Festival

Enzo Valerio



Bureau B+B


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