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topographic living collages7.png

The concept of the 'topographic furniture' was developed during the project 'Landscape as House' and is an ongoing subject for investigation within Atelier Fischbach. 


A topographic furniture is a small element that engages humans into a new relationship with place through alternative ways of inhabitation. As small 'place-objects' they embed human activities of dwelling into the topography of a site - like a mountain, a river or a garden


These 'place-objects' are called 'furnitures' because their scale is closely related to the human body. Like common furniture they anchor human activity in space and create a place for our actions within an environment. They are 'topographic' because they are embedded into landscape; their form and material is deeply rooted within the character of a site.


A 'topographic furniture' is a created expression of dwelling as well as a conscious spill of action within an ecosystem. Most importantly it creates a reciprocity between inhabitant and habitat and allows for a mutual flourishing of people and their environments. Together multiple 'topographic furnitures' can create a 'Landscape as House' where the movement and engagement between rooms is the binding element that turns places in a landscape into one 'house'.

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