on residency at the 'Buitenwerkplaats' in the Starnmeerpolder (NL) thinking about our relationship with forests

join my online artist talk on 4th december

via cultureland's instagram

watch the 'talent tours' videos that are part of this years talentdevelopment of creative industries fund

watch my film 'Landscape as House' at MU hybrid artspace in Eindhoven on exhibition during the 'Self Design Academy'

18.9. - 22.11.2020

and get my practice booklet 'walk, play, collect, care, inhabit'


drop by at our vernissage of the three 'topographic furnitures' in the riverbed at Bozenau (AT) - Friday 7.8.2020

collectively built during the lovely summer workshop 'im fluss'

watch my film 'Landscape as House' at Wroclaw Architecture museum on exhibition during 'Terra X infinity - Archive of the Future' 25.10.2019 - 12.1.2020