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WALK PLAY COLLECT CARE INHABIT is a practice booklet made as an invitation to engage with ones surroundings in a new way and broaden ones perspective of a place - to get to know a landscape and begin to see oneself differently in relation to a specific environment. One may even start to imagine a landscape as ones house, inhabiting found situations and developing a way of ‘living in place’. Or, one can simply look at these practices as moments of noticing and giving attention to ones surroundings.

The 5 short exercises have been established upon personal moments of experiment and epiphany. My aim with them is to try to bring some of my own experiences of belonging to a place into someone elses life, someones landscape.

Send me an email if you would like to receive a booklet.


produced in the context of the exhibition 'Self Design Academy' and kindly supported by MU artspace and Stimuleringsfonds voor de Creative Industrie 

booklet design: Ricky Rijkenberg

photography: Anna Maria Fink and David Habets

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